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What is your mission statement?
To enhance the quality of life for the elderly in the East Valley including Sun Lakes residents,
in the areas of culture, education, and health.

How do you propose to implement it?
We are always looking for the areas of greatest need and looking for opportunities to improve
those areas.

What is your connection to the Cottonwood Palo Verde HOA?
We are an independent organization totally separate from the governance of the Sun Lakes
Homeowner’s Association #2.  We serve Sun Lakes as a whole.

How will this foundation be advantageous to the community?
We hope to involve more people in the Sun Lakes and surrounding community who want to enhance the quality of life for the elderly, people who want to make a difference.

What is a 501(c)3?
It is a tax exempt entity which provides the deductibility of donations, for federal income tax
purposes, for some donors who make charitable contributions (consult your tax adviser).

How is the foundation funded?
We are encouraging donations and looking for creative ways to build capital through corporate
matching programs, community fundraising events, and charitable bequests.

Will the funds go to Sun Lakes charities and organizations only?
We are looking to be proactive assisting existing as well as new charities and causes in the Sun Lakes area.  Funds are not limited to existing organizations.

Who can qualify and apply for funding and what are the criteria?
Any organization can apply for funding if it fits the criteria of our mission statement “enhance the        quality of life for the elderly in the East Valley in the areas of culture, education and health”.             The Board of  Directors will be making the final decision on each application.

Can my donation go to a charity or organization of my choosing? 
Yes, but please see “Policies and Procedures  - Designated Donations” for complete information.

What % of the funding do you project as overhead?
Our goal is to keep it at 5% or less.

Are the board meetings open to the public?
If you wish to attend a regularly scheduled meeting, please contact the board president.  The board meets on the first Thursday of each month, September-June.

Will an annual report be available to the public?
We are required to complete an IRS form 990 annually.  You may view our entire report on the
“About Us” tab on our website.




Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation
25219 S. EJ Robson Blvd.
Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248